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We create unforgettable experiences…in a private, comfortable, and creative environment.

Our rehearsal hall is a private, comfortable, and creative sanctuary. Local and national touring artists use the space for rehearsals, video shoots, live streams, recording, and more. Wall to wall 2” padded carpet, floor to ceiling premium velour drapes, comfortable lounge furnishings, relaxing green room, and kitchenette, all help to create a professional and creative space. 

Our video and virtual studio is 8,000 square feet of creative space. Housing 2 stages w/carpet, a 14’x30’ green screen wall, stage set furniture, and multiple projection screen, the creative options are endless. Podcasts, live streaming, pre-recorded content, PSA’s, television productions, and more, are all possible in our private creative space. 

Custom whole studio rentals are available. Special events that utilize the rehearsal hall and the video/virtual studio can be customized to meet your requirements. Contact us for more details and a custom quote.


The Campus Studios was created by 21st Century Expo Group. After identifying a local and national need for a private creative studio, we put together one of the most talented groups of local audio and visual technicians, known as “The Collective”. The collective consists of a group of highly skilled, industry tenured, and creative entrepreneurs from the DMV area. 


The Campus Studios is truly your one stop shop for all your studio needs. Our studio services are designed with “today”, and the “future” in mind. Allowing you to create and distribute content across various platforms.

We Help You…Create Exceptional and Professional Digital Experiences

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